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Sow & Grow Your Own

Growing food may seem like an unfamiliar concept to many people and some may ask-What is in in for me? I asked myself the same question and it wasn’t until I started to experience the act of planting a seed, nurturing it protecting it from attack and finally harvesting it, that I realised it wasn’t […]

Community Culture

I have observed over the past 3 decades of my life, the changes that have happened within my community. When I was a teenager, I attended the local youth club, I played outside all the time, I spent more time outside than in, and I still do, on the most days. We all know what […]

More than just Compost

  When someone talks about compost! What comes to mind? I discovered my love of compost after experimenting with growing food. I had used potting compost before to start my seeds off but not really explored it more than that up until I started researching permaculture and natural growing methods like Korean Natural Farming (KNF). […]

Preparation of the Heart and Mind

    In this podcast I explore the principles behind preparation and focus on the cultivation of the mind and heart to prepare us for the most important changes-the unexpected ones. That first of all requires us to start to master our minds to overcome and provide solutions to the threats we will face in […]

The Art of Permaculture

Permaculture! What is it? How did it start? Where did it come from? These were all the questions I had when I started learning about permaculture two years ago. As my adventure began, learning about the roots of this principle based practice which was actually the revival of what I later learnt to be an […]

Being Human

What is it to be human? This is a question, that in some form or another I have consciously asked myself throughout the last 10 years of my life. It’s difficult to describe what encompasses being human, as there are so many expressions throughout culture, history and beliefs, which illustrate ‘what it is’. If we […]

The Power of the Sun

The Sun, that massive ball of energy, just hovering there in space, pumping out a huge amount heat, radiation, gamma rays and electromagnetism coupling with the Earth to name a few. The power of the sun, is something we still do not fully comprehend, even with the latest technology. Without the sun, imagine what our […]

Organic Matters-The Soil Food Web

Dirt! Soil! Mud! Quite often referred to as the same living thing. But actually they are, but only by way of it’s basic elements. Soil, comes in many shapes, sizes and variations- The particles that is-and this determines a lot about how that soil affects your food and interacts with the living biomass underground. It […]

The Nature of Things

Upon my voyage in life, I have come to realize how the true nature of humans seems to have slowly changed over the past few centuries. Even more so within the past 60 years. Essentially, at the core, all people seek food, water, shelter, warmth and companionship. The first four are all basic human rights, […]

Food Security

I have been a food grower for a few years and have always enjoyed the freedom that it gives me, to simply plant a seed into the soil, tending to it as it is the most important seed of life and watch it grow! To be the caretaker and not the keeper of nature is […]