The Power of the Sun

The Sun, that massive ball of energy, just hovering there in space, pumping out a huge amount heat, radiation, gamma rays and electromagnetism coupling with the Earth to name a few. The power of the sun, is something we still do not fully comprehend, even with the latest technology.

Without the sun, imagine what our solar system would look like, imagine what would happen to the Earth. The Sun’s reach not only encompasses our beautiful planet, it also protects all the other bodies in the solar system, through it’s electromagnetic field and it’s coupling with each of the planets. The Sun effectively holds everything together and acts as conduit for transmitting energy through the electromagnetic connections.

I always have admired the sun, In wonder. I used to practice sun gazing, an old ancient practice, which the Egyptians used to connect with their gods. I had never really fully appreciated the power and importance of the sun, until I started growing food. The power and influence of the sun has been vastly underplayed for the past century, by those that study it. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is about harvest time and the celebration of the connection of food and the sun with ourselves.

Our Sun, apart from producing heat and light for every life on Earth, it even influences the clouds and rain that then falls, the weather systems and jet streams, hail and snow and even such events as earthquakes and volcanoes. The climate of Earth has been in constant flux, ever since it’s beginnings, it has been in a constant ebb and flow with the Sun. This relationship has defined the rise and fall of all civilizations. And many of these have worshipped the sun, as a god

The benefits of our sun, include warm and stable food growing conditions, vitamin d supplementation and that feel good feeling, we all get when we feel the sun on our skin. It provides plants with the ability to photosynthesise and recycle our carbon into oxygen and also capture some of that carbon into the soil which enables the soil biome to stay rich and bio-diverse. Plants absorb sunlight and through the process of photosynthesis, they convert that light into energy to grow, produce fruit and seed to continue the heritage of the plant. This in turn drives the carbon process in the soil which is the primary agent in the process of a healthy soil biome. This in turn gives everything on earth life, including us. It’s no wonder we feel good and our mood changes when the sun comes out.

What actually happens within the sun, is still under debate. Some theories support that the sun is made entirely from a gaseous plasma. Other theories such as the liquid metallic hydrogen, although not a conventional theory, does carry a lot of weight, especially when the Gaseous Plasma model has trouble answering certain anomalies of the sun. But what we do know about the Sun, is that it’s mass is 99% of the solar system, it’s magnetic reach stretches far past Pluto, it’s light, heat and all other energy sources are driven towards us from 93 million miles away. Sun spots that appear upon the suns surface (which produce solar flares and CME’s) can be 3 times the size of the Earth. Some have been recorded as the size of Jupiter.

However, the sun isn’t in a stable state, despite what you may know. It, is in constant flux through the magnetic connection or coupling with our Earth and through it’s larger connection to the galactic sheet. The driver of the Earths behaviour and potentially human behaviour; the sun, and it’s relationship to the solar system, galactic-sheet and its filament connection with other solar systems, is and has always played the central role in determining the fortunes and failings of societies and civilizations. Earth, with the Sun is in a constant cyclical motion, cycles, upon cycles, and cycles, within cycles.

The History of the Sun, has been written in the scriptures of many ancient civilizations and religious and spiritual movements. It is observable within nature and now, the advancement in cosmology, we able to explore and explain the mechanisms of the sun in a rational and understandable way. Since Galileo invented the telescope and looked up to the sun, he started to observe it’s behaviour, over 400 years ago. This has enabled us to see the correlation between sun spots and what happens here on earth, as these sunspots go through cycles. Weather patterns, temperature and even volcanic and seismic activity changes as sunspot number rise and fall. NASA and NOAA have been recording the movements of the Sun for many decades now.

If we look into the history of our Sun, we can see it expressed in literature, art, culture, health and well being and many other dynamics within society. We can trace the historical recordings of the sun and it’s affect on our planet, to 40,000 years, through petroglyphs in many places and more recently over 10,000 years ago at Gobekli Tepe. Civilizations depended upon the sun, for everything, it sustained their entire existence. The Aztecs, Mayans and Egyptians all worshipped the Sun, embedding it within their society, as a God. It was after all the giver and taker of life. The Aztecs also known as the ‘people of the sun’ actually had five Sun gods, all within a different age of the Aztec empire. After each of the Sun gods demise, there was a great disaster on Earth. Some of the Mayan temples were aligned to the Sun’s movements upon the equinox. Both these civilizations had a great understanding of the Sun.

We are all sun worshippers at heart. To have knowledge of the sun and the power and influence it yields over us and our beautiful Earth, not only enriches our souls and gives us an appreciation for how much we rely on it. It also enables us to understand that, as humans, we have no control over our global climate or any real influence over climatic conditions. It, is, and can only be, our SUN that dictates our fate. Our ancestors seem to have understood this. Building great temples and pyramids directly aligned with the Sun and stars movements. They studied the Sun, mythology was created and whole civilizations were created around the worship of the Sun. Its movements, and how the landscape changed as the sun went through it’s phases. Planting food and raising animals with the sun. People’s lives, literally depended upon the cycles of the Sun.

The Sun and human health has always been something that has been contested. Too much sun, is bad for you, it will certainly increase your chances of exposure to harmful ultra violet rays, especially in times when our atmosphere is less robust and allows in more of space energy, such as cosmic rays to penetrate through the ionosphere. Too little and we have high chances of vitamin d deficiency, and in the northern hemisphere around 60% of people are deficient. Part of this is to do with lack of sunlight exposure in the winter months and also because more people have migrated from lower latitudes to higher latitudes this also affects vitamin d deficient numbers. People with darker skin need more sunlight, due to absorbing sunlight at a slower rate then lighter skin. We do see a multitude of mental health issues come from diminished sunlight exposure, conditions like SAD and even depression have been related to this. I believe that there are no coincidences when it comes to our connection with the Sun.

The measurement of sunspots, is one of the ways to be able to understand the movements on the suns surface and also how that affects us here on Earth. As we only have 400 years of recorded sunspot activity. There is enough of it to make fairly accurate predictions on how the Sun will behave and the kind of impact it will have upon us. As the sun changes it’s number of sunspots, that work on a 11 year cycle, we can see increases and decreases in the radiant output of the sun, the volume of geomagnetic activity and effects such as solar flares and CME’s. How this fully affects our planet, has been studied for decades by just a few scientists.

There have been a few note worthy events, that have happened on the planet in the last 200 years, that demonstrate the power the Sun has on our Earth. 1859, was year in which the Sun caused a CME to smash into the Earths magnetic shield with an extreme amount of high energy particles, which being electromagnetically charged interacted with the Earths atmosphere causing a geomagnetic storm, resulting in widespread issues with telegraph, the communication of the time. If this type of CME would happen today, there would be widespread issues to the power grid. The complex set of events that led up to the Carrington flare, was noticed by Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson. They observed more sunspots forming, leading up to the solar maximum of that cycle (10), in 1859. Afterwards both of them reported that there was a direct link between the suns activity and the Earth. People around the world reported seeing auroras of this spectacular event, I wonder what they must have thought seeing this in the Caribbean. There is also proxy data in Greenland Ice cores showing of larger events that happened in our past, these are found in carbon 14 and beryllium 10 deposits. although this data points to larger and rarer. However, in 1910 and 1960, less severe storms took place which caused widespread radio communication issues and in 1989, a geomagnetic storm hit Quebec, which effected the power all over.

Even after my spiritual journey for 10 years, it has given me even stronger purpose to my life. Seeking to understand about the Sun, it’s complex behaviour and long cycles upon cycles has given my life purpose in many ways. Ultimately, it has actually made me respect the Sun for it’s ability to create and destroy life. Personally, I believe that this is a subject that should be taught within education and be a talked about science. I am sure it was in ancient times. I think also with more knowledge of the Sun, the history of it’s impact on us and the our future with it will allow us to understand just how important our connection with it. Just as our ancestors did millennia ago, we still depend completely upon the sun, it’s life giving power. To me the Sun represents the essence of life and energy.

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