The Destruction and Regeneration of our Food Systems

We are now faced with the biggest threat that humanity has faced in thousands of years. However, through the lens of Permaculture we have the biggest opportunity that humanity has been presented with. For the past 100 years our civilization has been on a crash course with the extinction of our morals, our connection to nature and our own souls. Whilst technology and science seems to have made peoples lives more convenient, it has convienently made people more sick both mentally and physically. We have seemed to trade our physical health for convenience, our mental well-being for instant gratification and our freedom for an hollywood illusion.

Our land, rivers and oceans have been polluted as much as our minds and hearts and if we are to purify our land and waters, we must start from within. We need to regenerate and remediate our mindset, so we can understand life through an holistic lens. This is the inseparable connection of microcosm and the macrocosm.

I believe that without the pathogens and poisons that organisations like the WEF and technocrats like Bill Gates represent, we would have descended slowly into the abyss and destroyed ourselves. It is humanity that is on the verge of extinction, not the planet, it will survive, as it has since it’s birth. Everyone who is reading this has made a choice to find solutions to their own personal battles and the ones we face globally.

Permaculture and Regenerative principles hold the key to all of our problems. Permaculture is about broadening our lens of the world around us and seeing that without our connection to nature we can never see the full picture. All those that go against nature are not on the side of life.

Soil health and human health are directly linked, in fact nearly all autoimmune diseases can be attributed to the food we consume, cancer and allergy conditions can also be linked to how our food is grown. Gut health is influenced by the soil biome. Diseases in soil run rampant when the biology is out of balance, the same applies to our guts. There are 100’s of scientific papers on the subject of the connection between soil health & human health.

So how do we ensure that we make this connection between our food and ourselves unbreakable? The only way is to take full responsibility of where our food comes from. We need to localise our food systems, we need to teach our children to nurture plants, they will teach us quicker than we can teach ourselves. We need to connect local family farms to their local communities, encourage farmers to use polyculture principles to reinvest in nature, so they can do less and less, spend less and less and secure their own livelihoods. If farmers were to follow regenerative practices, within one season they would see results and never look back.

All soil can be regenerated, just like all communities. However, we cannot do this globally, it’s not one size fits all. Each community, each farmer, each individual has their own contextual circumstances and so the solutions will be different. The principles will remain the same and permaculture principles are simply universal principles that are just being echoed from time immemorial. Glyphosate can be irradicated by oyster mushrooms, oxidized and alkaline soils can be transformed with compost teas & mycorrhizal fungi and land that seems dead can be brought back to life with a change in mindset. Once we can see ourselves as stewards of the land rather than the owners of it, once we start to care for it, it will care for us, even through climatic changes and financial hardship.

We must start small, making the smallest changes for the longest lasting effects. Creating self regulating systems starts by observing how nature creates cycles. Plant roots pump out exudates, which microbiology like fungi and bacteria feed on, which in turn are digested by protozoa, they excrete manure which is then reabsorbed by the plant roots. A regenerative farm has far less inputs because everything is recycled through the symbiotic relationships within the land.

We too can create this within our own bit of land whether we have a small garden or a large farm. Plants are not in competition with each other, although many minerals can be antagonistic to each other, once the biology, chemistry and physics of the eco system are in balance, everything works in harmony.

We all know about ph and this greatly effects the performance of plants. Just as important is Eh, or Redox potential. This is, in simplistic terms, is the energy that the soil can hold. Since the earth holds paramagnetic charge, once we tap into this our plants can draw down energy from the sun, convert it into energy for the microbiology and then once a balance is achieved this will give the plants all they need to be healthy, pest & disease resistant and produce abundant, nutritionally rich and medicinally powerful food.

We have to scale down our farms, create polyculture growing systems, generate natural water cycles, provide spaces for nature to integrate, develop closed loop systems and become part of nature. Empowering people to become producers and not consumers, create regenerative economies rather than consumeristic ones. We don’t have to lead a dog eat dog life, we can create one which we can each give and receive and end up with a win win scenario.

Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health will all be improved once we connect with the soil beneath our feet. Once we nurture ourselves, we will be able to nurture all of life. To keep the diseases and viruses of society in check we need to strengthen our own immunity by feeding ourselves with healthy thoughts, words, actions and food.

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