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Growing food may seem like an unfamiliar concept to many people and some may ask-What is in in for me? I asked myself the same question and it wasn’t until I started to experience the act of planting a seed, nurturing it protecting it from attack and finally harvesting it, that I realised it wasn’t just the benefit of food I received. The benefits of growing our own food to our wellbeing are very well known and published, as is the lack of nutritional content of our conventional way of growing food.

Did you know that the nutritional content of most food grown using modern Big Ag has up to 90% less vitamins and minerals (especially the trace elements), than it did 50 years ago. This is due to the intensive chemical attack on our soil. More recently with the damage to our food supply chain, because of lockdowns and Brexit leading to the unhinging of our global infrastructure, growing food in the coming years will become less of a choice and more of a necessity.

You only have to look at the rise in food prices and lack of certain foods to see that the way we consume in this country will have to change. In fact rather than being consumers, we can actually become producers. And this is something that becomes not just about you or me but about community.

More importantly the once stable food system of growing vast areas of monocrops is now under threat from something no human being can control. As our climate shifts becomes more unpredictable and unstable, there will more crop areas destroyed by extreme weather events.

Polyculture growing, paired with permaculture principles and a healthy soil biome is one of the most effective ways to not only grow naturally but just as importantly enables a food ecosystem to withstand and adapt to much more dramatic changes to the climate than conventional chemical growing or GMO’s. There are more ways to grow food productively, healthily and regeneratively.

Modern Industrial agriculture is both destructive to our health and the health of our planet. The reason for this is the way we grow food and farm animals is unnatural. In fact the methods employed are actually against everything life stands for. Also this way of growing food can never feed a growing population, because it is unsustainable in every way.

However, there is enough land to feed up to 10 Billion people in a healthy and natural way, without any pollution. We can build sustainable systems that don’t cost billions of dollars. Regenerative principles that are based on health and harmony will only bring abundance and unlimited benefit to the human race. We don’t need Big Ag, all we need is community and the desire to have a deeper more wholesome connection to our food source. There are examples all over the world demonstrating the power of community growing.

The Vegetables, fruit, grains and herbs grown internationally are mostly subjected to the toxins and poisons of the chemical industry giants such as Monsanto and Bayer produce. These artificial fertilizers have not only poisoned the food we eat but also the soil that our food grows in, the air and water and into the biology of a host of species. The damage from Industrial Ag is the biggest threat to all life on earth. And the good news  is that we can rectify the excess CO2 in the atmosphere through soil carbon sequestration.

I would like to stress that our current food system is very fragile and far from healthy, so to continue to allow the further destruction of our land cannot be the way forward.

And yet, there is a simple solution to all this. Why not Grown Your Own? Buy from local organic and regenerative farms. As our conventional food prices continue to rise people will be caught of guard and many will  struggle to feed their families and maintain their standard of living.

It is most urgent of all, more than anything right now to Grow Your Own Food. Up until 150 years ago most families grew something in their garden in the UK. There has been a resurgence of recent years, however, without a broader knowledge of what is exactly happening with our planet, we would never see the necessity to grow food, which is exactly what our ancestors had to do, out of necessity.

Growing Your Own Food is the most empowering, healthy and fulfilling act that anyone can do. Literally everyone has the ability to enjoy the experience of growing, nurturing and of course eating delicious and nutritionally rich food.

Where do you start? There is a lot to learn and to experience, that enables us to strengthen our understanding of growing food and growing with our food. How do food systems work at their most efficient? Modern Agricultural practices are not only toxic to the soil, they are also very fragile, degradation of soil, pollution of the water table and uncertain yields are just some of the threats to our food system. As well as the climate and Big AG dirty practices, we also have the issues of health and well being.

The best way to start is to just plant a seed and watch it, with the right amount of water and temperature, it will germinate and you have past the first stage of growth. That seed, if it has come from a true heritage and is organic or heirloom, will have the potential it needs to become a strong adult version of itself. Once we understand what a seedling needs we can prepare it to become as healthy as it can be. This is the opposite of most agriculture today. Just like us, a seed will become a heathy plant when it is given the right environmental circumstances. It is the relationship between the soil life and plant that enables the plant to grow healthy and strong.

When we only focus on the chemical inputs to grow our food, we are missing a buck, literally. But most farmers are subsidized by the government.. Selling synthetic fertilizers at a unstable rate, insures that the farmer can never make a profit or have a healthy farm. Artificial fertilizers can never beat an approach of regenerative agriculture as it is based on the understanding of nature and not the desire to dominate or control it. Humans are an intrinsic part of nature not separate from it.

Just like ourselves, with the right amount of nurturing, i.e diet, exercise and a healthy interaction with it’s environment, plants like us, grow to be healthy. Just like us, plants need the right nutrients to become healthy, they need resistance from the wind and rain to be strong and an interaction with others which adds protection of community from common enemies.

Plants just like us can be understood and we can form a symbiotic relationship with them. In fact, evidence shows the connection with our food is more than just eating and sustaining, our food is the connection we have to our earth, in fact our food feeds us the energy of the earth, if you want to see it in that way. Their is real science behind the soil biome and gut biome connection and how many of our chronic diseases actually have appeared because of this disconnection to healthy food and access to the knowledge of nutrition.


Empower yourself and your community, sow a seed and grow your future.


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