Soul to Soil

From the cosmos to the cation. Energy is everywhere! Biologically, electromagnetically, physically. We can see, hear and feel energy, it is all around us, within us and yet there is so little emphasis on learning about the exchange of energy, throughout the universe. Even though both spirituality and science can both agree that there is a force in the universe that cannot be explained by formula or fable and no matter how much knowledge a person acquires if they only see through their cultivated lens, they will never be able to truly understand how the universe works.

The soil is as under discovered as the oceans, the soul is still shrouded in mystery. Here, I attempt to express the importance of the soil soul connection and how we connect at the deepest level with ourselves, through the marvel of nature. I would first just like to omit that I am not a trained scientist or religious scholar. However, as both of these actually prevent us from seeing the bigger picture, I am proud to be a common man. In fact, at my roots I am a more connected to the land than ever before.

There are many undiscovered mysteries of the soul. It cannot quite be defined into anything that is tangible, or be expressed succinctly through words. However, our souls guide us, or at least they use to guide us. Our soul can be referred to as being our inner most life, ‘the small voice within’ as the Quakers say. It rests in a place which we cannot see, or describe. Many ancients tell us of the soul being judged in the afterlife or being reborn into a different vessel, to carry on its eternal journey through the cosmos.

The soul is the connection with which we communicate with nature and to open that communication we need to be with nature. There is a direct correlation between good mental health and being with nature. This doesn’t just mean living in the countryside, it is about being out in nature every day we can to witness and observe and re-connect. When we are born, we have an innate desire to play with nature! Why would we have this desire? If we not meant to continue exploring this desire throughout our entire lives. What is consciousness? That is the soul! How does it arise within us? We have to ignite it with our creative heart.

We have this deep curiosity when we are children, this innate desire to want to explore and have adventure. It is something we are all naturally born with. In fact, I would say that this is what has driven our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and is the reason for our endeavours in invention.

Now, you may be reading this thinking where is the proof of this deep soul/soil connection. That is precisely the problem! Thinking doesn’t allow our soul to connect with anything. Thinking is the EGO (the self separate from others). This is by definition a very ineffective way to live life! Yet, we are are taught to use our ego. As this is built and reinforced it grows and smothers the soul connection (intuition), some may know this as gut feeling. When has your gut feeling ever let you down? My answer is never!

So, instead of thinking, perhaps we would be better feeling. Perhaps, when we act through feeling, we empower ourselves and others. This soul connection is our direct connection to nature, to the universe, to our greater self, our true self. When we fully embrace and fall in rhythm with our soul, incredible things start to happen, transformations start to manifest. Taking action from our soul connection, enables us to cut through fear and ignorance and allows us to deeply understand the essence of life. Our ego is inhibition, our soul is excitatory.

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