Here at Sow & Grow, we offer a range of products, services and advice about how to become more self-sufficient, more regenerative and create more localised communities. Whether you would like to learn how to grow food, save seeds, make compost or generally prepare for a more fulfilling and natural life, then we are here to facilitate that change for you. And here is the good news, wherever you are, you can prepare in one way or another and you can certainly build more cohesive and resilient communities.

As our environment and society changes-more rapidly now than ever before, we have the opportunity to observe, reflect and take action. Just as in permaculture the art of observation and reflection are vital to taking the right action. We are here to provide solutions to the current problems we face today. Rising food and energy prices, as well as larger economic uncertainty are enough to scare and confuse anyone. We have felt like this too! This is why community is so important, because no man or woman is an island. We all have our own unique experiences that we can share with others and bring to life our own unique passions.




Sow & Grow Bio-Compost– We have over the past several months, been researching, testing and re-testing our composting methods, as well as experimenting with our bio-amendments. We have now several products that we are ready to start sharing with farmers, smallholders and gardeners.

Already we have secured the sources of natural inputs and a process of creating a very good product. However, with the help of the crowdfunding project, we will be able to take this to the next step, rent or purchase our own land, buy new equipment in (including a very much needed chipper and microscope) and other associated materials that will be needed to be self-sufficient in making our compost.

There is a misconception about compost-that all composts are the same. Well, unfortunately, they aren’t! Many compost producers don’t take into account the most essential part of compost, which is the biology. Without the right training and enough time to dedicate to the scientific process of trial and error, most composts will just end up being NPK rich but won’t be able to create the environment necessary to create bio rich compost and a balance in the soil food we, which makes the minerals and nutrients accessible to plants. Balance is essential and this also applies to soil-If there is not the right balance between the elements, then plants cannot access what they need from the soil. For instance, if Calcium and Magnesium are not at a ratio of 7/8-1 then we can lock up these nutrients and turn clay soil into concrete.

What we are doing is using the guidance of leading experts in the field of permaculture and soil biology to create a compost that will not only be balanced and biologically rich, but will be created using local natural inputs, in addition to a tried and continually adapted process. We are also inoculating this compost with bio-amendments to increase the bio-diversity of micro-organisms and enabling a product that will mitigate against climatic changes, i.e through drought and flood.

In essence, our aim is to become the best compost producer in Essex and beyond.

Our products will be ready to hit the market in April 2022


Biological Amendments– We are creating soil amendments in forms of soil soaks and foliar sprays, compost teas and extracts as well as natural farming nutrient applications as medicine to your plants, both for seasonal and emergency application (like in the case of tomato blight). However, once your plants rhizosphere (root zone) and Photosphere (leaves) have been regenerated, these applications should become unnecessary, as healthy plants that have access to all the nutrients they need, will be vibrant and strong and become susceptible to disease or pests, as they progress through the four stages of optimum plant health. We produce these amendments from our vermi-compost, bio-compost and cultured through natural farming methods, such as IMO (Indigenous Micro Organisms.) All of these are pathogen free and contain vital microbiology and essential minerals to maintain optimum health. Of course this, as well as the compost only works when done in a regenerative way.




Regenerative Transition-Making a change or transition into anything new can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Essentially we all have everything we need to be able to live a regenerative life-growing our own food, building local communities, caring for our land and environment and being responsible for our own wellbeing. We believe that in order to do this we need to see that the solutions to all our problems are within us. All of us are capable at solving our own problems in todays society. However, as the world becomes more connected, we seem to be drifting away from those things that are closest to us and we seem to be ever more conflicted and confused by the digital world and less fulfilled by the simpler things in life.

My experience has taught me that, the more I disconnect from the complexities and conflictions of our society and the more I engage in being with nature, I gradually begin to understand how simple and fulfilling life can be.

Many of the mental and emotional traumas that we experience as adults are a result of us being out of natural balance. This includes, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. But ultimately all of these issues are rooted within our connection to ourselves, others and to natural cycles of life.

Science is beginning to catch up and is showing that our connection to healthy land and the food that comes from the land is directly connected to our own health and that by engaging with nature in the absence of digital technology actually increases our wellbeing tremendously.

Regenerative Growing Services- We offer a variety of home services to facilitate your new found passion for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. From raised beds to Hügelkulturs, Creator gardens and much more, container gardens and food forests-we provide everything from the compost, seeds, seedlings, saplings and natural amendments, as well as the design and instillation. We can give you advice on what to grow with what, (companion planting and guilds) depending on your needs and wants.

Using permaculture principles we can get the highest yields, protect from pests and diseases, capture and store energy,  and generate ideas on how you can create your own regenerative ways, which means after your first season, you will be able to save your own seeds for next season. (Maybe share them with your neighbour, as well as your produce.)  Essentially we are not here to give you fish, we are here to teach you how to fish. Or grow in this case! (As far as I am aware there are no drawbacks from learning how to live a regenerative life. Even the time we invest in learning brings us benefits, multiple times the investment we make. You can’t get this deal anywhere else).