Here at Sow & Grow, we create services and products to help you to become more self-sufficient, more regenerative and create more localised communities. Whether you want to learn how to grow food, save seeds, make compost or generally prepare for a more fulfilling and natural life, then we are here to facilitate that change for you.

As our environment and society changes-more rapidly now than ever before, we have the opportunity to observe, reflect and take action. Just as in permaculture the art of observation and reflection are vital to taking the right action. We are here to provide solutions to the current problems we face today.

Rising food and energy prices, as well as larger economic uncertainty are enough to scare and confuse anyone. We have felt like this too! This is why community is so important, because no man or woman is an island. We all have our own unique experiences that we can share with others and bring to life our own unique passions.




Regenerative Transition-Making a change or transition into anything new can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Essentially we all have everything we need to be able to live a regenerative life-growing our own food, building local communities, caring for our land and environment and being responsible for our own wellbeing. We believe that in order to do this we need to see that the solutions to all our problems are within us.

My experience has taught me that, the more I disconnect from the complexities and conflictions of our society and the more I engage in being with nature, I gradually begin to understand how simple and fulfilling life can be.

Many of the mental and emotional traumas that we experience as adults are a result of us being out of natural balance. This includes, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. But ultimately all of these issues are rooted within our connection to ourselves, others and to natural cycles of life.

To live more simply is the key to health and happiness, to be in connection with nature means we learn more about ourselves and what we truly want.

We provide a consultation service which is a holistic approach to finding the solutions within ourselves to first establish what is important to making us happy and healthy and then taking the action to get us there. Preparation is not just practical it also requires a shift in mindset. Changing perspective is essential to taking informed and effective action. Once we have had a shift in mindset our actions will be based upon a holistic approach which considers the effects of our actions. In permaculture observation is key to not making big mistakes that could cause more work than needed. Small actions to produce lasting affects is a key principle in creating a regenerative life.

Not everyone wants to live a regenerative life, for those that do it starts with the small step of creating a vision for your future.

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Regenerative & Permaculture Design Services- We offer a variety of home designs services to facilitate your new found passion for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. From raised beds to Hügelkulturs, container gardens and  food forests-we provide everything from the compost, seeds, seedlings, saplings and natural amendments, as well as the design and instillation service to set you on your way to self-resilience. We can give you advice on what will grow with what, (companion planting and guilds) depending on your needs and wants. How to orient yourself to use the flow of the elements to benefit the land. Capturing, slowing and spreading water, absorbing or reflecting the sun. trapping or filtering wind and storing or releasing earth.

Using permaculture principles we can get the highest yields, protect from pests and diseases, capture and store energy,  and generate ideas on how you can create your own regenerative ways, which means after your first season, you will be able to save your own seeds for next season. (Maybe share them with your neighbour, as well as your produce.)  Essentially we are not here to give you fish, we are here to teach you how to fish. Or grow in this case! (As far as I am aware there are no drawbacks from learning how to live a regenerative life. Even the time we invest in learning brings us benefits, multiple times the investment we make. You can’t get this deal anywhere else).


Services & Prices:

Site surveys: I will perform 3 site visits, which will take approximately an hour each, this will include observation of the site, including how elements affect site (Wind, Sun, Water) Any photos or observations you have made of the site during other seasons will help with the effectiveness of the design: £100

Soil sampling: Carrying out soil tests are important to establish what your soil is doing right now. This will include, flora, fauna, Ph and mineral testing and brix testing. This would be a nominal amount of £50 and will be carried out during the site visits.

We can also perform other tests, including plant sap analysis, soil biology and pathogen tests. These range from £50-£80 and are conducted by certified labs in the UK.

Consultation and Advice: Depending on what you want to be carried out on your site, I offer advice and mentoring on what to grow and how to maintain your space for £50 per hour. This can include all forms of communication, phone, text, email and any face to face (this would happen during site visits).

Design: Our design work can be carried out on an hourly basis of £50 per hour, or as an estimated time carried out. Depending on what you want will affect the overall price. A medium to large garden will cost around £1000 and can be  digital or by hand on A2 paper. Design, will include consultation, advice, soil sampling and 3 site observation visits. Observation is a key element of design and needs as much information and knowledge of the site before this can take place.

Implementation: Any work carried out would include materials that can be sourced by us and would mainly be reclaimed and upcycled. The implementation costs can be discussed further once your requirements are agreed. Normal cost would be charged at £200-250 per day not including materials. This would be for a 6 hour day.






Sow & Grow Composts– We have over the year, been researching, testing and re-testing our composting methods, as well as experimenting with our bio-amendments. We have now several products that we are ready to start sharing with farmers, smallholders and gardeners.

What we are doing is using the guidance of leading experts in the field of permaculture and soil biology to create a compost that will not only be balanced and biologically rich, but will be created using local natural inputs, in addition to a tried and continually adapted process. We are also inoculating this compost with bio-amendments to increase the bio-diversity of micro-organisms and enabling a product that will mitigate against climatic changes, i.e through drought and flood.

Our Bio-Compost contains the microbiology needed to inoculate your growing medium and is suitable for top dressing in raised beds, pots and spreading on the your parent soil. We also add the minerals which are essential to boost the biology.

This retails at £15 per 50 litres

Our Vermi-Compost is created by natures own composter, the humble worm, this is perfect for seedlings and adding in with other composts. Our worms are fed on organic vegetables and they are very happy making this beautifully rich ‘Black Gold’.

This retails at £10 per 20 litres

All our compost is made only from organic inputs.


Biological Amendments– We are creating soil amendments in forms of soil soaks and foliar sprays, compost teas and Vermi-tea as well as natural farming nutrient applications as medicine to your plants. We also make biochar, which retains water, allows the transfer of nutrients and acts as a home for the microbiology which is essential for healthy and happy plants.

Compost Tea-is a concentrated liquid form of compost, which is aerated and bottled. It can be applied to your plants foliage or as a soil soak.

Retail price of £8 per 500ml

Vermi-Tea-is the liquid form from of worm compost. This is bottled at source and can be used as a soil soak and foliar spray

Retail Price at £8 per 500ml

Bio-Char-Is pure carbon, created by the process of pyrolysis, which turns wood into nothing but carbon, this is not only one the best ways to store carbon in your soil, but also acts as a water retainer, nutrient transmitter and a home for microbiology.

This retails at £10 per kilo