Community Culture

I have observed over the past 3 decades of my life, the changes that have happened within my community. When I was a teenager, I attended the local youth club, I played outside all the time, I spent more time outside than in, and I still do, on the most days. We all know what community is on a small scale. The ‘family’, is a small community. In some parts of the world, it is exactly that. In the context of how we live now, even the family has been influenced by many factors which have changed the dynamics. Many western families are now, increasingly are plugged into the digital world and this has disrupted how we view each other. Even the digital world has a community, and I would say with confidence that the digital community is bigger than all the other face to face communities, at least where daily interaction happens. I find this incredibly sad, as at the same time, social alienation, mental health issues, physical health issues, division and many other symptoms have arisen from this type of community.

What is the alternative then, you may ask? Here at Sow & Grow our mission is to create new ways of being, doing, interacting and living within our community. Localisation of our most precious resources like food, water, textiles and even the decisions made for our community, are all possible. When we create a cyclical and regenerative economy, we are able to protect ourselves, establishing a resilient, cohesive and caring community, where all people can share their passion, skills, experience and much more. We can all be examples of community hero’s and generate strong bonds, where we inspire and motivate others to step into their dreams and start to take action towards a future that is filled with hopeful action rather than apathetic despair.

Our team is working hard to live this every day and keep connecting people who wish to see the same bright future. We are here to be a beacon for others, just like others have been for us. If we all work together we can create the most amazing and awe inspiring future for our community. Really the power lay within each of our hearts and all we need to do is believe in our own potential to create and motivate.


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