Hi, I’m John.

One of the Sow & Grow team, along with Guiliano and George. I am first and foremost a human being, who just like most want to see a healthy and happy planet. Over the past decade of my life, I have re-discovered a way of looking at the world, as I did when I was a child, but with the benefit of four decades of experience and the thrill for adventure, a new and fresh curiosity and an overwhelming desire to know the truth about life, or ‘the nature of things’.

Through my study and practice of Buddhism, the pursuit of my career in activism, my quest to understand and appreciate my own heart; the discovery of the soil food web, permaculture principles and the historical knowledge I discovered about our intertwined story with Mother Earth, has compelled me to share what I have learnt with other like minded souls. My reason, is nothing other than a deep rooted feeling that if we are to create a healthier and happier world, we can only rely on our own consciousness and the people we know and trust.

Sow & Grow was the idea created from my experiences, many years after I decided to take the first big step to claim responsibility of my life. Through my experiences of learning about the inter connected nature of our beautiful planet; through my search for my connection to it all, and my ongoing observation of the human mind, I have been able to gain an insight into the subtle ways in which humans have been disconnected from our true heritage and mutual relationship with the food we grow and the communities we create. And it’s my new found passion for growing food and learning to become self-resilient, which has connected me with my own intrinsic nature

I have come to my own conclusions and solutions to the problems we all face in today’s world. I’ve felt for a long time that life as we live it currently, is unhealthy, unnatural and out of harmony with the vibration of our Earth. Nothing can be more empowering than discovering the heart of our success as humanity. At no other time since the beginning of the industrial revolution have awareness and adaptation been so important to the health and happiness of so all humanity.

Take control of your life, in the most practical of ways and learn to sow today to grow tomorrow.


“The relationship to anything we seek to understand has to be focused on the pursuit of truth in our own hearts.”

“The way to happiness is simplicity in our hearts and actions grounded in love, expressing ourselves uniquely like nature.”

“The Sooner you realize your power, the sooner you will be able to take responsibility for your destiny.”