Hi, fellow growers.

I am Permaculture Designer, soil enthusiast, and teacher, spending most of my time making compost, deepening my knowledge of  the soil food web and interactions within and having my hands covered in it.

Gaining my Permaculture Design Certificate PDC CERTIFICATE with my mentor ‘Matt Powers’, who is one the leading permaculture teachers in the world.

I am currently re-designing my allotment plot as a permaculture paradise, including a food forest, perennial plants, medicinal herbs, wildlife and compost area, which will showcase the regenerative benefits of permaculture.

I will be incorporating my knowledge of many regenerative aspects of design including companion planting, water capture and distribution, creating a healthy and and diverse soil biome, incorporating earthworks, vermi-composting, cultivating natural farming amendments and stacking functions among many others.

Sow & Grow is my vision created as a response to my many years of research into the environmental and societal problems we see in the world.

Learning about the inter connected nature of our beautiful planet; the search for my place in it all, and my ongoing observation of the human mind, I have been able to gain an insight into the many ways in which we have been disconnected from our relationship with food, community and the natural world.

Gaining a fresh curiosity and an overwhelming desire to know the truth about life, or ‘the nature of things’- I have found my purpose in life.

I’ve felt for a long time that life as we live it currently, is unhealthy, unnatural and out of harmony with the vibration of our Earth. Nothing can be more empowering than discovering the heart of our success as humanity.

At no other time since the beginning of the industrial revolution have awareness and adaptation been so important to the health and happiness of so all humanity.

Take control of your life, in the most practical of ways and learn to sow today to grow tomorrow.

I have helped many people connect with the ethics and principles of Permaculture, helping them to understand the broader perspective on how we can connect with others in our community and create a more resilient life of abundance and health.

I have experience facilitating workshops in leadership, campaigning and mentoring individuals in creating positive mindsets become more resilient to changing circumstances.

The ‘regenerative mindset model’ is about gaining empowerment through self-resilience, freedom through conscious creation and clarity of your future by using the lens of permaculture to be in rhythm with the patterns and cycles of life.

As well as practising and teaching permaculture- My areas of focus include; Forest bathing, grounding, meditation and chanting which all form part of my holistic approach towards creating syntropy with nature.

Learn from the Past, Create for the Future, Live for the Now


“The relationship to anything we seek to understand has to be focused on the pursuit of truth in our own hearts.”

“The way to happiness is simplicity in our hearts and actions grounded in love, expressing ourselves uniquely like nature.”

“The Sooner you realize your power, the sooner you will be able to take responsibility for your destiny.”